RE-ELECT    Sarah Gnagy for Trustee


* Trustee of St. Joseph Township 
* Past St.Joseph Twp Board Member
* Pres.of Allen Cty. Trustee Assoc.
* Life-long resident of St. Joseph Twp.
* Married 27 years, with two children
* Bachelor's degree from Purdue Univ.
* Precinct Committeeman
* 20+ years Business/Management
* Vice-Pres. Fort Wayne Women's
  Republican group
* Common Sense Fiscal Conservative
* Support St.Joe Little League
* Support Family Values
* Pro-Community
* Attend Pathway Community Church

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November 6 : ELECTION DAY

Thank you for visiting my web page. I look forward to your vote on November 6. If you would like me to speak at your upcoming event, or have a question, please contact me through the link below.PaidforbySarahGnagyfor
Trustee                              Committee 


*Cathie Humbarger-Executive Director of Allen County Right To Life

*Debbie Driskell-Executive Director of the Indiana Trustee Assoc.

*John Henry- Trustee of Pleasant Twp.

CALL SARAH at 438-4997 for yard signs.